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Type: Twin Bundle

Original Night Owl V2 - Twin Starter Kit - 12 levels

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138 reviews
Breast Pump Colours - White
Flange Size
Carry Pouch Colour

Grab a Bundle and save, choose your own colour & flange size combination - valued at over $398!

You'll get 2 extra Collector Cup Kits so you're covered for spare parts months ahead, a neat Carry Bag to transport or to store your pump, and a Breast Milk Storage Magnet so you'll be an expert on temperatures and breast milk storage.

Get 2 Original Night Owl Wearable Breast Pumps and spend half the time pumping.

Get on with your day unrestricted with our wearable, hands free Original Night Owl! This twin wearable electric breast pump pack has 12 adjustable suction levels and 3 modes for mums to choose from, ensuring that every mum will get the most comfortable breast pumping experience.

Choose from a standard 24mm size flange or a 27mm flange for your pumps - please refer to our Fitting Guide for help with figuring out your size and whether you will need to order a different size shield or flange insert. Everything else you need to start pumping is included in the box!

What's in the box?

  • 2x Wearable Breast Pumps (choice of 3 colours)
  • 4x 24mm or 27mm Collector Cup Kits
  • 2x USB-C Cables
  • 4x Spare Rubber Bands
  • 2x Bra Adjustment Buckles
  • 1x Carry Bag (choice of 4 colours)
  • 1x Breast Milk Storage Magnet
  • 1x Instruction Booklet

Levels: 12 Adjustable Suction Levels

Modes: 3

Express - removing as much milk as possible once milk lets down

Massage - stimulates milk letdown. Also used to help relieve issues that may result from milk production such as clogged ducts and engorgement

Automatic - combination of massage and express

Suction Strength: Up to 300mmHg (Hospital-Grade)

Hygiene System: Anti-backflow / Closed (Hospital-Grade Hygiene)

Display: LCD Display with minute timer and touch buttons

Sound level:  Quiet design - Up to 50 decibels on maximum level

Materials: BPA free & Food-grade silicone

Silicone Shield Flange Size: 24mm or 27mm

Design: One-piece fit design (flange built in)

Milk Capacity: 180ml / 6oz

Battery life / Usage time: Approx 90 minutes / 4-5 pumps per full charge (depends on levels, modes and intensity it is used at)

Auto shut off: 30 minutes

Battery: Built-in 1000mAh large-capacity rechargeable lithium battery

Charge time: Approximately 90-120 minutes via USB-C cable (included). Power adapter (not included) must be minimum 5V-1A

Size: 13.6(h) x 11.2(w) x 6.9cm(d)

Weight: 228g

Details & Care

To clean your parts we recommend simply using warm soapy water with a soft cloth or brush. Ensure all parts are properly dry before using your pump.

Breast pump parts are only in contact with breast milk which is sterile, so they don't require sterilising (unless specifically instructed by a medical professional).

Most dishwashers operate at over 100° which can be harmful to your parts. This may cause them to discolour, warp or deteriorate and require replacing faster.

Head over to our FAQ page for more information

Claim on your Health Insurance

Our locally owned and operated Australian company ensures compliance with all prerequisites essential for claiming our wearable breast pumps through eligible health insurance policies. Should your health fund qualify for breast pump claims, kindly reach out to us with your order number, and we'll promptly provide you with an official tax invoice, meeting all the criteria stipulated by your insurance provider, facilitating a seamless claim process.

Please be advised that not all health insurance policies accommodate breast pump claims. We recommend verifying eligibility with your provider beforehand.

Suitable for Exclusive Expressing

The Original V2 Hands Free Wearable Breast Pump is suitable for exclusive pumping/exclusive expressing. Designed to meet the diverse needs of pumping mums, it offers reliability and efficiency. Unlike most wearable pumps, the Original V2 features a powerful yet gentle motor with hospital-grade suction upto 300mmHg (more or equal power to most big bulky plug in pumps). This combined with the customisable settings ensures a consistent, effective, personalised and comfortable pumping experience for exclusive pumpers. With superior durability and performance, our Original V2 breast pump confidently provides the strength needed for exclusive pumping.


We offer a 12 month manufacturers warranty on all of our breast pumps for that extra piece of mind. The warranty starts from the date of purchase, unless it is a pre-order. If it is a pre-order then the warranty will start from the date of dispatch. The warranty period covers manufacturer faults only, and not wear and tear or damage.


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When you choose The Night Owl, you're choosing a brand you can trust for quality, reliability, value for money, honesty and exceptional customer service.

Why Mums use our Breast Pump Starter Kits?

Your Questions Answered

How wearable breast pumps work?

Our wearable breast pumps fit inside your bra so your completely hands free and mobile while pumping. Visit our 'How it works' page for a step by step guide on everything you need to know about The Night Owl wearable breast pumps!

Will this breast pump fit me?

Our wearable breast pumps were designed to fit inside most standard nursing or maternity bras so your cup size won't affect how it works. As long as it's centered and pressed firmly against your breast with no gaps you're good to go!

The most important fit is your nipple diameter so head over to our fitting guide to ensure you get the correct size flange. Visit our 'fitting guide' for more information

I have larger breasts, will the breast pumps work?

Yes absolutely! The Night Owl wearable breast pumps were designed to fit any breast size.

Can I exclusively use a wearable breast pump for pumping?

You can absolutely use The Night Owl wearable breast pumps to exclusively pump. Our breast pumps are designed to cater to the diverse needs of breastfeeding mothers, including those who choose to exclusively pump. Please keep in mind not all wearable breast pumps on the market are suitable for exclusive pumping.

We understand the importance of a reliable and efficient pump for exclusively pumping, and we're here to reassure you that our pumps are up to the task both performance and durability wise. These pumps have been carefully crafted with a focus on motor performance, comfort and durability, ensuring a consistent and effective pumping experience.

It is a common misconception that ALL wearable breast pumps are not "as good" as other pumps as they "aren't strong enough". Although this may be true for some, this isn't true in our case. The strength in our wearable pump motors is actually higher than most average breast pumps out there in the market.

Do I need one or two breast pumps?

For busy mums looking to optimise their pumping and feeding routine, a twin pack of night owl breast pumps offers significant advantages and is the most convenient option.

  • Reclaim Your Time: Using a double pump can halve your pumping time, allowing you to reclaim precious moments in your day and make your breastfeeding routine more manageable.

  • Minimise Milk Wastage: Many mums experience letdown on one breast while pumping on the other, resulting in valuable breast milk being absorbed by nursing pads. Double pumping allows you to harness both breasts simultaneously, ensuring that not a single drop of your liquid gold goes to waste. It's an efficient and practical way to maximise your milk output.

  • Boost Milk Output: Double pumping stimulates additional letdowns and maximizes the release of oxytocin, enhancing the effectiveness of your pumping sessions and increasing milk production.

  • Cost-Effective Solution: Investing in a twin pack is financially savvy, often providing a discount and better value for your money, making it a budget-friendly choice for quality breast pumps.

The choice ultimately depends on your personal preference and individual needs.

Which breast pump is recommended for exclusive pumping/expressing?

For exclusive pumping, we highly recommend the Original Night Owl V2 and Mumma Owl models.

These stand out due to their advanced motor performance. The powerful suction (hospital grade level) capabilities and customisable settings make them well-suited for
extended pumping sessions, providing comfort and efficiency for those who choose to exclusively pump.

How do The Night Owl breast pumps enhance the exclusive pumping experience?

The advanced motor technology and higher suction levels in the recommended models for exclusive pumping (Original Night Owl V2 and Mumma Owl) allows for efficient milk expression, reducing pumping time while maintaining comfort and freedom. Customisable settings provide flexibility to adapt to your specific needs, ensuring a personalised and effective pumping routine for exclusive pumping mums.

Can I trust The Night Owl breast pumps for long-term use?

Absolutely. All night owl breast pumps are built to withstand long-term, frequent use. We prioritise durability and quality to ensure that your pumping journey remains smooth and reliable over time.

How strong is the breast pump suction?

The Night Owl Original V2 and Mumma Owl breast pumps operate at up 300 mmHg which is in line with larger Hospital Grade pumps. There's 12-15 levels of suction depending on the model however the maximum level doesn't necessarily mean a higher milk output. It's very rare that our mums actually use the pump to the maximum suction level as it is very strong - the most important thing is having the right size flange, how the modes are used and how comfortable you are!

Is the breast pump suction 'too strong' that it'll hurt?

No absolutely not! The Night Owl breast pumps have a lot of levels to choose from, so the suction power is split up comfortably - that way you can easily tailor to your personal comfort level. The most gentle of the 3 is the Mumma Owl, however all are gentle as we've designed them to be.

If it 'hurts' that means you either have the level up too high, or an incorrect size.

Are they 'Hospital Grade' breast pumps?

Although there aren't any official standards in Australia for what 'hospital grade' is defined as - hospital grade suction is generally classified as 300-350 mmHg in the world of breast pumps. Our Mumma Owl and Original Night Owl V2 measure at 300mmHg so they're more than powerful enough, and YES they fall into the 'hospital grade' category.

There's also a significant number of levels of suction, however the maximum level doesn't necessarily mean a higher milk output. It's very rare that our mums actually use the pump to the maximum suction level as it is very strong - the most important thing is having the right size flange, how the modes are used and how comfortable you are!

Are your breast pumps a 'closed system' / have an 'anti-backflow protector'?

It's important to consider whether you're purchasing a breast pump with an 'open' or 'closed' system.

All of our night owl breast pumps have a 'closed system'. This means that there is a barrier between the parts that touch your breast milk, and the pump motor. This is called the back flow protector, or i.e. the diaphragm.

A closed system is important as it prevents your breast milk from being contaminated and ensures hygiene.

If a breast pump has an 'open system' this means that they do not have barriers between the parts that touch your breast milk and the tubing, pump motor etc. This allows moisture from pumping to enter any tubing or the motor, where there is the risk of being hidden mould, which will then come into contact with your breast milk - therefore contaminating it and making it unsafe for your baby to drink.

Why do Mums love us so much?

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Customer Reviews

Based on 138 reviews
Sherel S.
Exclusively pump & have tried them all! Night owl is the winner!

I exclusively pump and had tried three separate breast pumps before finding the night owl in the middle of the night while researching thinking I was going to give up on my breast feeding journey. The twin pumps arrived 2 days later and I’ve never looked back. I love how much milk I produce and how I can travel and work with the portable pumps. I have recommended these to so many mums. Just make sure you use the Milton wash at the end of each day to keep pumps clean and fresh!

Great pump!

Pumped for 10 months for my previous child with a mendela and I am getting as much milk this time around without the ability to do thing at the same time!

Pumping for twins

I Highly recommend these wearable pumps. They are an absolute lifesaver for myself for exclusively pumping for my twins. Been doing it for 6 months now and these pumps haven’t missed a beat and are so easy to use, empty and clean

Amara S.

Seriously exceeded my expectations. They're so quiet, I can pump without disturbing anyone and have allowed me to ditch my spectra

Hanna L.

My little one is three months. I've been using my hands free pumps daily and they are amazing! I couldn't live without them! The suction of the cups is great and I love them

Tanya M.
Mind Blown!

These pumps are amazing! I can whip around the house whilst pumping and get a great amount! So glad I found these.