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Received my preorder mumma owl and all I can say is wow, it's seriously an amazing little pump. So compact, quiet and so much power but it doesn't hurt unlike almost every other brand of wearables I've tried this year. My mchn recommended these and I'm so glad she did otherwise I would have 100% given up on pumping. 5 stars all the way. Have ordered my second one and can't wait for it to arrive.

Tiana G

Superseded my expectations! I bought 2 as I’m getting ready to go back to work and wanting it to be as efficient time wise as I can! I used it
for the first time yesterday after I’d breastfed and got 117ml for the
next feed which is more then I’ve got in the same situation with my
medela swing. Also as someone with large breasts it was very

Nadya B

I cannot rave about my pump enough. It has completed changed my breastfeeding journey after having a really crappy one with my first born. This time has been so much easier, i can do things with them on, I can massage my boobs when they get sore, I can easily clean them and get the milk out and Im pumping so much more milk! Thank you thank you thank you! I was skeptical as I could only get an owl online but it was worth every cent and I'm now your biggest advocate ❤️

Carolin J

I love this pump. I initially bought only one. Then added a second one
so that I could halve my pumping time. They efficiently extract milk and I don't have to sit there manually doing it. I pop them in my bra and get on with my day. I've used them whilst cleaning, driving, going for a walk. I've had so many people ask about them. :)

Allyce P

I absolutely love this pump! I previously purchased another brand as a double electric pump, as a first time mum I had no idea what to buy so went with this, whilst it worked fine, having to sit there holding it
for 20 minutes (and finding 20 mins free to do this was really hard). I
decided to bite the bullet and get another pump to make life easier and I am so glad I did. By having this pump I think it will prolong the time I breast feed for, the pump is strong, it’s simple and easy to clean and put together and gets great output! Love it!

Grace H

I went from working overtime to just get 30-50ml to now playing with my
babies and getting 180ml minimum a day and it’s just so comfortable and easy. I would definitely suggest getting a second set of accessories as the process to sterilise etc isn’t fast. But I use this 2 times a day
min and once at night. Absolutely love it. Battery power lasts ages

Melissa W

After a very long and hard time in the NICU with my premmie, my original pumps were the only thing that made it feel manageable to give my premmie the milk they needed without having to resort to donor milk. I can't speak highly enough. Anytime I had a question or my brain was scattered the team were also super patient with me and happy to help. Thank you from me and my little premmie warrior

Paige V

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