Our Story

Who we are..

Mum's who've been there. Frankly, still there!

The battles of low milk supply...

the late nights,

the early mornings,

sleep deprivation,

having to stop everything you're doing and hold your pump still.




Better yet, trying to cram it all in quickly while your baby is asleep - or awake - let's be honest (thank god for baby carriers and bouncers right?). But what if there was something that could help even more?

We know what it's like, believe me.

Our founder, a Melbourne mum of 2 under 2 herself started this business as a result of a desperate need for a better solution. She didn't believe easier ways to pump were accessible enough to Australian mums.

So then the light bulb moment happened, let's make the pumping journey easier for all Aussie mums! Pumping went from being tiring and often stressful to being easier, more manageable and something that could fit in to the day with a lot less effort.

So here we are, the Night Owl team, right here in Melbourne and excited to help you all!

We're passionate about providing the wonderful Mummas around Australia with an easier and more comfortable solution to breast pumping.

Now with The Night Owl, gone are the days where everything
had to be put on pause to get your pumping session in. Get on with your day and spend more time doing the things you would rather be doing instead.

We definitely are and let me tell you, you won't miss the way things used to be before. Who says no to more freedom? Surely no one. Not us.

We're committed to providing Australian mums out there with a life changing, first-rate solution. Sending love to all you night owl Mummas,

Created by Mums, for Mums

Oli & Team Night Owl xx

Pump wherever life takes you!